The Human-Nature Trust, co-founded by Rob Lay and Chera Van Burg, was inspired by the successful ecological restoration Rob has implemented on two properties on the South Island of New Zealand and the growing connection with the land that Rob and the people working with him experienced. The Trust is committed to preserving these properties and continuing restoration of nature and of the human nature bond.

(Rob Lay, Ph.D., Advisor/Board; Chera Van Burg, Ph.D., Executive Director; Michael Solomon, Chair)


An overview of the restoration projects that we have undertaken on endangered environments on New Zealand's South Island.

The Next 3 Years

A short piece presenting a succinct overview of our goals and funding needs for the next 3 years. Consider this a flowing Power Point presentation of sorts.

Restoration Revealed

This short video describes the history and development of a planting technique that is yielding close to 98% survival rates and unprecedented growth levels for our ongoing native reforestation projects.

Vanishing Tracks

Planting requires access in order to transport the plants to the site and to maintain them after they are planted. However, those once seemingly ugly scars on the land vanish very quickly under a calm canopy of green, as this video attempts to demonstrate.