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Advance Reality interactive (ARi) is an entertainment software company based in San Anselmo, California. ARi was created to develop state-of-the-art interactive CD-ROM titles and tools. 

ARi's goal is to create titles that provide a unique and immersive entertainment experience to the player. This is accomplished through a technological breakthrough called the Immersion Engine. The Immersion Engine allows ARi titles to feature seamlessly branching video with spontaneous interactivity. The system takes video clips, mixes them with sound, allows graphics tobe overlaid, and creates complex scripts in which multiple paths move the user from video clip to clip. 

ARi's first title is "A Fork in the Tale" published by AnyRiver Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts. A Fork in the Tale is a five CD live-action adventure game shot with a first-person perspective. Fork offers lightning fast action, a whole cast of characters with whom the player will interact, and a variety of challenging game-play elements. Adventure gamers are right at home with Fork's inventive puzzles, plus new game elements including magical gestures, defensive weapons, chase scenes, and an interactive fist fight add a new dimension to the category. 

ARi was founded in 1993 by the principle software designers of the Composium, a state of the art special effects/editing tool currently being used in premier post production studios throughout North America, Europe, and Japan. The Composium advanced digital video technology won an Emmy in 1990. 

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