New Visitor mode available for A Fork in the Tale!

Want to take a break from the fast pace of driving the mouse in Fork? Try the new Visitor mode in this updated version. Interaction is optional, so you can make choices anytime you like by using the mouse, but if you sit back and relax, the story will continue to unfold at its breakneck pace.

Download this ZIP archive 1,485,306 bytes. It includes a ReadMe.txt file that explains how to use the files to upgrade your version of Fork.

The Competitor and Hero modes operate the same as before, so you can switch between the modes to adjust the challenge as you desire.

"A required media file could not be found.
The CD may require cleaning, or may be bad."

This problem is caused by using DOS CD-ROM drivers rather than Win95 drivers. The DOS driver doesn't support the Win95 long file names that we use. A simple way to check this is to look at the files in the \vid1 directory on Disc 1 using something like the Windows Explorer. The first file should be named "Ac_26BF_5FCKAM1.ALC", but with the DOS driver it appears as something like "AC_26B~1.ALC", using the 8.3 compatibility name.

If this is the problem, you will need to restore your Win95 CD-ROM driver. Most likely you changed this in order to play a DOS CD-ROM game. The exact procedure you need to use depends on your hardware. If you are uncomfortable reconfiguring Windows, then you should check with your computer manufacturer.

We have had success restoring the Win95 driver on other machines by commenting out the DOS driver configuration found in the config.sys, autoexec.bat, and system.ini files. After rebooting run the "Add New Hardware" wizard and have it check for new hardware. It should detect the CD-ROM drive and automatically add the Win95 driver for it.

An example of the config.sys line is:
    DEVICE=c:\mtm\mtmcdai.sys /D:MTMIDE01
An example of the autoexec.bat line is:
An example of the system.ini line found under [386Enh] is:

Can't change from Disc 1 to Disc 2

When you try to eject Disc 1 a system message appears warning that a file is still in use on the disc. There are two possible solutions. 1,054,313 bytes. This ZIP archive contains an updated version of the software that should fix the problem. It includes a ReadMe.txt file explaining how to use it. 2,237 bytes. This ZIP archive contains a set of saved game files that let you start at the beginning of each disc. Just use the "Load Game" button and select one of these files.

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